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Word of the Day: Revival

November 13, 2013

Open the dictionary to a random page, point to a random word: Revival

Revival of the  Spirit

In the fast pace times of the technological age, revival of the spirit has to occur.  The spirit connection to the earth is being obliterated.  The spirit connection to family and folk dwindles with each day.  The spirit connection to honor and morality, seems to have died a long time ago.

Reviving the spirit would connect humans to one another.  Although we are each unique, different from one another; we are all humans.  We all long to be understood, heard and loved.  Reviving the  spirit to understand one another and see anothers’ perspective is imperative to make great changes for the future generations.  The spirit of humans can be revived to live and re-connect with our planet.

Our spirits walk over this planet leaving waste and debris in our tracks.  Reviving our connection to our humans’ home: the planet Earth needs to happen.  The reviving of our spirits could bring about respect, obligation, and cleansing to the Earth we have so long pillaged.  Reviving our spirit connection to our home could bring about clean water, and air.  If we revive the connection, the Earth could heal, and maybe, just maybe, zoos will not be collections of animals we destroyed.  Reviving the spirit is imperative before it is too late.

Reviving the spirit connection to other humans and our home will in turn fix the brokenness of human morals and honor.  If we respect one another, if we respect our planet, our morals will align themselves as just and correct.

Reviving the spirit means to be awake and see what is going on.  Awakening the spiritual roots to one another and our planet will bring us closer to the revival we are all looking for.

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