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About Me:

I am a homemaker with a background education in English. I am using this blog to find my writing voice, as I have never written excpet for my college career. I like to write, but I am curious as to how well I actually write.

My passion is for the environment, which in turn supports people of the world. I am a tree-hugger for sure. My passion began as a child playing in the woods and helping my father with the gardens. When my Dad gave me my own garden, I was the happiest child. I love growing flowers.

I live in New England. Our climate is of four seasons, and I cannot imagine living without four distinct seasons. Although, I do not like the cold winters, I could never live without the snow. After it snows, there is this hushed silence through the air and the sun always shines after a storm. Spring is my favorite season, watching life renew and hearing the birds sing their songs of their arrival.

I feel that our planet is in trouble with all of the pollution and lack of care or interest from people. The endangered species list grows everyday, and the poor animals do not have a voice to speak. I am one of their voices. Oil runs a muck in every stream, brook, and river. Amazingly, life still lives with this pollution, but the question is for how much longer?

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