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Crafting Christmas

I haven’t written on the blog for quite a while.  The Christmas season is upon us.  I have been a busy little bee, crafting gifts for my family.  I have made my children dream catchers, pencil pouches, book marks ( for real books), paintings and a set of curtains for one of them.  The drawing and painting have taken up a lot  time over the past month.   I will attach pictures when I get a chance.  Until then, wishing everyone  Happy Holidays with family and friends.


My Backyard

My Backyard.


My Backyard

Can we conserve our habitats?  Can we clean the waters we have poisoned?

This is the little babbling brook in my backyard.


Do you see all of the bubbles?  My questions are what is it, and where does it come from?

Here is an up close picture.


These are stiff bubbles collecting by a rock.

We as the people, with choice and a conscience need to preserve our habitats everywhere.

As to the suds and bubbles, my small part is to use natural detergents.  Borax, washing soda, baking soda and an all natural soap are the ingredients.  Some natural soaps are: good old- fashioned Ivory, Fels-Naptha, or any natural soap.  This recipe is  low suds. I recycled an old large coffee can, 23 ounces, and mixed my ingredients:

4 cups borax, 4 cups washing soda, 1 cup baking soda, and half the bar of soap (shaved).

The bar of soap has to be shaved.  A cheese grater works great, or an utility knife.  This is the only time- consuming  part of the recipe.  Mix all the ingredients together, and use a 2 tablespoons per load of laundry.  This is safe for front-loading washing machines, and the environment.

Borax has many useful purposes.  Sticking with the laundry theme, Borax can be used with bleach.  Borax is also made in the USA.

Here is the website:


Animal Paintings

Animal Paintings

This is my website dedicated to endangered animals.  I have been working on these paintings for a while.  I needed a collection in order to exhibit them on my website.  There are five, for now; and I am currently working on a green sea turtle.  Please share this, comments are always welcome or even e-mail.  Thanks for your support.


Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Interpersonal and Communication Skills.


Interpersonal and Communication Skills

How important are interpersonal  skills?  Communication skills?  Where do interpersonal skills come from? Communication skills?

The article “The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired” from Time magazine incorporates a survey from Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College.  The survey states “new graduates cannot get a job because interpersonal  and communication skills are lacking.”  We all know the job market is not that great at this moment in time, so the survey needs to be taken into consideration along with the bigger picture.  There are many other reasons why new graduates do not get hired.  For the moment, I want to talk about interpersonal and communication skills from an educational standpoint.

Do you remember kindergarten?  I remember waiting so “impatiently” for my turn in the dress-up room.  I also remember sharing with the other kids, and of course for a kindergartener, that is extremely hard.  Now, I want to propose the random thought of sharing and waiting your turn as  life-long skills that develop into our fancy “interpersonal and communication” skills as adults.

My children never had the chance to play with other kids in kindergarten.  They never had to wait “impatiently” for the dress-up room or the block corner.  They never had the chance to ask a fellow classmate, “Can I please have that toy?”  Instead, my kindergarteners, and your kindergarteners have to hold a pencil in a tiny hand where the muscles aren’t fully developed, and write their numbers and letters.  Scribbling and sharing art-work is out.  Show and tell is out. Writing numbers is the trend.  Writing letters is the trend.

Those interpersonal skills stem from when we first enter school and learn to play with one another.  Those skills of sharing and waiting  for turns are life-long  skills that have been taken away.  Here is a genuine effect: younger generations are lacking interpersonal and communication skills. Later on in life, the child who wrote instead of playing lacks social skills.  Playing is just as important as school work.  Playing and work should be balanced–not tipped to favor one.  Playing is a social skill that has been deprived from younger generations and will permeate through the ages to come.

Now that thought has been given to interpersonal skills beginning in kindergarten, there are also many other factors that lead to interpersonal and communication skills lacking in younger generations.  Television and video games are favorite past-times.  Both of these actions are passive and anti-social.  Environment can also effect social skills.  Acknowledgement is made that there are many numerous factors contributing to interpersonal and communication skills lacking.

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Word of the Day: Revival

Word of the Day: Revival.