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Word of the Day: Revival

Open the dictionary to a random page, point to a random word: Revival

Revival of the  Spirit

In the fast pace times of the technological age, revival of the spirit has to occur.  The spirit connection to the earth is being obliterated.  The spirit connection to family and folk dwindles with each day.  The spirit connection to honor and morality, seems to have died a long time ago.

Reviving the spirit would connect humans to one another.  Although we are each unique, different from one another; we are all humans.  We all long to be understood, heard and loved.  Reviving the  spirit to understand one another and see anothers’ perspective is imperative to make great changes for the future generations.  The spirit of humans can be revived to live and re-connect with our planet.

Our spirits walk over this planet leaving waste and debris in our tracks.  Reviving our connection to our humans’ home: the planet Earth needs to happen.  The reviving of our spirits could bring about respect, obligation, and cleansing to the Earth we have so long pillaged.  Reviving our spirit connection to our home could bring about clean water, and air.  If we revive the connection, the Earth could heal, and maybe, just maybe, zoos will not be collections of animals we destroyed.  Reviving the spirit is imperative before it is too late.

Reviving the spirit connection to other humans and our home will in turn fix the brokenness of human morals and honor.  If we respect one another, if we respect our planet, our morals will align themselves as just and correct.

Reviving the spirit means to be awake and see what is going on.  Awakening the spiritual roots to one another and our planet will bring us closer to the revival we are all looking for.


My Backyard




Surprisingly, butterflies are extremely fast.  Every time this butterfly flew, I had to walk fast, quietly, just to keep up.



Patience does pay off.  I stood behind this blue beauty for quite a while.  The next picture is great!



He sat in the sun and fanned his wings.  Open, Close.  Unfortunately, this is a little blurry. 

Enjoy nature and all of its beauties!

Fire-eater: The Word of the Day


The boy and his father stepped out of the hut onto the white sand.  The horizon was vast, spreading out into both directions.  As the sun set, pinks lit up the sky, casting tinted shadows on the sand.  Soon the night lights will turn on, and the evening will begin.

“Dad, are we going to see the fire-eater tonight?”

“I forgot to look at the schedule, but I think so,” he said.  The tall man looked down at his son and smiled.

Blackness dominated the sky as the grass huts twinkled with strings of light.  In the middle of the beach, logs were being cast into a huge fire pit.  People mingled with one another with tall cocktail glasses in their hands, where the boy stood by his father, but his back was turned away from him.  He stood silently watching the fire-pit grow and grow.  He watched the lean natives, throwing log after log into the pit.  He wondered: who is the fire-eater?  Shifting from one foot to the other, he could not tell.  He saw a table set up near the fire pit with long, skinny poles.  His blood ran with excitement: this was the night.

The fire pit lit up the sky, with a slow cadence of waves tumbling on the shore.  The drummers set up in a semi-circle behind the fire with dancers lining up to the sides of the sand stage.  The beat began.  A hypnotizing beat set the dancers in motion, slow then fast.  The boy stood and watched, waiting for the fire-eater.

After the fire died down, the drums slowed their beat.  Stopped.  Silence seemed to last forever to the boy.  A shadow moved at the side, but the boy did not see who it was.  His feet began to shift again, back and forth with his small frame.  While he was looking to the side, the drums simultaneously beat, and a man appeared.  The boy’s face lit up.  In the man’s hands were two sticks of equal proportion.  He wore no shirt.  The fire-eater stepped back to the fire-pit, and caught his sticks on fire.  The drummers picked a fast beat, and the fire-eater moved.  The stick’s fire twirled and twirled leaving trails of light in the black sky.  The fire circled in the air and was caught by the fire-eater.  The boy stood still for the first time that night, in awe.

The trail of fire in the sky was a sight to see. And the man, moved so fast with the beat of the drums.  Legs up; arms down. Arms up; legs down. What a fantastic sight to see.  Then, the fire-eater stood still, and opened his mouth.  The flame went inside his mouth, and flames escaped out the side.  The boy’s mouth was open, as his father nudged him with his elbow.   The flame seemed to be inside his mouth for an eternity.    When the flame left his mouth, the clapping and cheering echoed across the vast horizon.  And the boy, jumped with joy to finally see the fire-eater.


Photograph:  Antony Stanley

Wiki-media Commons

The Throw Away Society

The Throw Away Society.

The Throw Away Society

We hardly ever think about our trash once it leaves our bins.  I have recently learned about “The Great Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean. The Garbage Patch is an area in the ocean considered to be a dead zone or a gyre to sailors and scientists; there are no currents or wind to move the boat along. In the recent years, we have discovered millions of pounds of floating plastic garbage in the dead zone. The surrounding currents swirl around the gyre, depositing plastic residue from humans. It floats there, with no place to go, bobbing up and down with the waves. The Pacific gyre is not the only one; there are a total of five gyres around the globe, all carrying plastic refuse from around the world.

The sea animals live in our refuse everyday. We throw things away, but they do not go away. Plastic never biodegrades-ever. Plastic is pourous; so once in the ocean, the plastic soaks up other toxins and chemicals dumped into the ocean. Sounds great right, plastic soaking up chemicals we spilled? This is absolutely wrong, what happens instead kills marine species. The plastic is in such large quatities of various sizes, the animals cannot distinguish the plastic from the actual food. Animals swallow the plastic and the toxins simultaneously. Both cause death. If the animal lives once ingesting the plastic, that toxic plastic capsule moves up the food chain-eventually to humans who put the plastic there in the first place. Larger quantities of toxins occur in larger animals, because they are eating more plastic. If the plastic does not make it up the food chain, it clogs the digestive system of whatever species ate the plastic. The tiny photoplankton consume the plastic shavings. The birds consume the plastic soda caps. Even sperm whales consume large portions of plastic. The result is the same- death. A two year old sperm whale died a couple of years ago. When the scientist performed a necropsy, they found “450 pounds of debris, most of it plastic, in the whale’s digestive track, just taking up space ” (Humes, 108). Basically, the whale died of starvation because of the plastic trash-human trash.

We are the throw away society. Everything is packaged in plastic, and plastic is a relatively new invention,meant to be thrown away. Within the last fifty years, we have managed to fill massive landfills and create floating piles of trash around the world all in the name of progress. Plastic never decomposes. It is man-made and uses the natural resource of oil to create the chemical compound. Unlike glass, once plastic is tainted with any kind of chemical, the heating treatment never kills the toxin.

The world should not perish at the hands of humans. We are intelligent species capable of choice, yet choose to throw everything away.

Humes, Edward. Garbology Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash. New York: Avery, 2012.

To the American People

To the American People, 

I am saddened by the complacency and passivity in the people of all races and cultures of America.  Wherever I go, I hear the same complaint from the people: “Things are not right.” Yet nobody has the courage, the bravery, the morals, or the Unified voice to stand up against anything or everything that is wrong.

The BIG corporations have all of our politicians bought and sold in their comfortable offices and positions of high salaries.  The one percent governs the majority of people.  Their voices are small in number, but Unified in destruction, and Unified in greed.  The corporations do have that standard correct:  United we stand, Divided we fall.  And the corporations have all the money to divide and conquer the majority of small people.  When the small person decides to make a stand against the immoral corporation, he or she gets crushed-smashed.  The legality fees destroy the average American and benefit the already large corporation.  The corporations always win the game within our justice system-they have money to spend. In turn, the average Amercian must lay morals aside and let lassitude and complacency rule the heart.

When the farmers fought against BIG corporations and their immoral practices of terminator seeds, the farmers lost and are still losing everything.  The Big Oil industries are another huge immoral mass of wealth; Bad People cover-up their spills and advertise that everything is okay. While the humble fishermen and women lose their livelihood. The private Banking industries get a bail-out for their immoral practices, while the average Americans are losing their homes. Our break comes in the form of “Taxation Without Representation” disguised as fees for use, fees for filing, and fees for anything. The corporations always win: they have profits of billions of dollars at the expense of the little Americans. The general pattern follows: small American equals big loss; big Coporation equals big win.

I ask Americans everywhere to please think about the future instead of instant gratification, or the next great buy. The future entails thinking about long term consequences about our beloved country, air, land, and water. The future entails thinking about conditions set in motion for our future generations who will be left with devastated destruction because of immoral greed.

Complacency is not free.
Lassitude is not free.
Passivity is not free.

I’ve heard it over and over: “Wake Up America!”

Renee B.


Humble Americans are the people who live paycheck to paycheck, unlike the one percenters who can live off of their interest from the banks. Humble Amercians are the people who cook their own meals day to day. Humble Americans are the ones who buy packaged food rather than organic food because of the price. Humble Americans everywhere drudge through their daily routines with no recompense, no rest, and no sign of change.

Change the American view to a world view, to see, that people from around the world are dissatisfied with the one percent. Humble people need a unified voice and a unified cause, shedding all differences aside in order to unite.