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To the American People

May 15, 2013

To the American People, 

I am saddened by the complacency and passivity in the people of all races and cultures of America.  Wherever I go, I hear the same complaint from the people: “Things are not right.” Yet nobody has the courage, the bravery, the morals, or the Unified voice to stand up against anything or everything that is wrong.

The BIG corporations have all of our politicians bought and sold in their comfortable offices and positions of high salaries.  The one percent governs the majority of people.  Their voices are small in number, but Unified in destruction, and Unified in greed.  The corporations do have that standard correct:  United we stand, Divided we fall.  And the corporations have all the money to divide and conquer the majority of small people.  When the small person decides to make a stand against the immoral corporation, he or she gets crushed-smashed.  The legality fees destroy the average American and benefit the already large corporation.  The corporations always win the game within our justice system-they have money to spend. In turn, the average Amercian must lay morals aside and let lassitude and complacency rule the heart.

When the farmers fought against BIG corporations and their immoral practices of terminator seeds, the farmers lost and are still losing everything.  The Big Oil industries are another huge immoral mass of wealth; Bad People cover-up their spills and advertise that everything is okay. While the humble fishermen and women lose their livelihood. The private Banking industries get a bail-out for their immoral practices, while the average Americans are losing their homes. Our break comes in the form of “Taxation Without Representation” disguised as fees for use, fees for filing, and fees for anything. The corporations always win: they have profits of billions of dollars at the expense of the little Americans. The general pattern follows: small American equals big loss; big Coporation equals big win.

I ask Americans everywhere to please think about the future instead of instant gratification, or the next great buy. The future entails thinking about long term consequences about our beloved country, air, land, and water. The future entails thinking about conditions set in motion for our future generations who will be left with devastated destruction because of immoral greed.

Complacency is not free.
Lassitude is not free.
Passivity is not free.

I’ve heard it over and over: “Wake Up America!”

Renee B.


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